Four locations across Auckland: 24 Green Lane East, Remuera; Quay West Building, 8 Albert Street, CBD; Franklin Seddon Medical Building, Pukekohe; Hobsonville Family Doctors
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Welcome to Delphi Clinic, thanks for stopping by. I’m Dr Zach Kidman and I have been treating varicose veins and vein related disorders for many years. I’m passionate about providing thorough patient care and my aim is that our clinic continues to be a welcoming and caring environment where patients always feel looked after. 

Delphi Clinic offers minimally invasive and effective treatments for treating poorly performing veins – you no longer need them surgically stripped requiring a full anaesthesia and recovery. We offer treatments that provide excellent results but require little to no downtime from the things you love. I’m always available by email at [email protected] to answer any questions you may have, and you can also find me answering questions on my social media


I have four children, ranging in ages 9 through to newborn (two sons, two daughters) and I live in the eastern bays of Auckland. In my downtime I enjoy ultramarathons, boating and skiing (a new found sport for me!) and I’m always on the sports’ fields with my kids and my wife Anna. 


I hope you enjoy Delphi Clinic and I look forward to helping you or your family and friends with any questions you have about vein health.