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There are many symptoms that can be associated with varicose vein disease. Many people don’t realise that if they suffer from these symptoms that they may indeed have varicose veins – even if they can’t physically see them. At Delphi Clinic we like to educate our patients to look out for the following in themselves, and also in their friends and family:

Itchy Legs
Restless Legs
Night cramps or aches
Swollen or Puffy Legs
Darkening of Ankle Skin
Poor Leg Wound Healing
Skin Ulcers
Throbbing Veins
Spider Veins
History of Leg Vein Ulcers

Many of these symptoms are uncomfortable and cause our patients distress. The good news is, with a simple Ultrasound Map we can determine if any of these symptoms are caused by poorly functioning veins. The even better news is, if you have insurance, it is usually covered by your policy. If it’s determined you do have poorly functioning veins, we have a range of treatments that will help you. So…next time you hear a friend saying they have itchy legs, or that their legs keep them up at night because they feel restless, send them to us at Delphi Clinic – we are passionate about veins, and we love to ease these symptoms in our patients.